Crystal named "Book Cover Artist"

Crystal Creative Designs collaborates with local publishers; Mirador Publishing!

Crystal Turner has over fifteen years as a professional designer working for Publishing & Media companies, as well as experience in a printing house and a National Retail catalogue in the Bristol and Bath areas.

Crystal’s first and main design interest continues to grow strong in Publishing. She has designed for many different publications across all industries, ranging from a Science & Technology magazine, event publications, School yearbooks, business magazines, consumer magazines and even annual reports about supercomputers, her design work has been seen worldwide. For many years she has enjoyed designing front covers for these various publications.

"You shouldn't judge a book by it's cover, but a well-designed one helps!"

Crystal Turner has now become freelance setting up her own business, Crystal Creative Designs. Her number one goal is simple – to make design easier for you as a client. Her front cover design styles are bold, modern, flat colour illustrative/typographic or utilises stock photos. Crystal believes less is more, and likes to think that the potential reader is intrigued or attracted by the cover to want to find out more by reading on. You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but a well-designed one helps!

If you would like to work with Crystal on your next book release, you can contact Mirador Publishing via email:

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