How to Create a Mood Board

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Whether you're a designer or not, creating a Mood Board can be used in multiple ways for any project. Whether you're thinking of redecorating your home, creating a fashion piece or gathering ideas for an assignment.

A Mood Board is a great way to visually combine colours, patterns, textures and even typography to create a unique vibe or style for your next project.

So how do I start?

There are many ways to create a Mood Board, but my favourite way is to use Pinterest. Pinterest is a great place to search, gather ideas that can be collated on a "Pinterest Board" to save all your ideas for different projects.

In this example, I will create a Mood Board for a Hypnotherapist. Firstly, I will use keywords such as "therapy", "hypnosis", "hypnotherapist" etc. and see what results come through and "pin" anything that attracts my eye to my "pinboard". Next, I will consider colours, are there any particular colours you want to use in your project? For this project, I will be using navy blue, pink and yellow. By searching on Pinterest for colour palettes using these three colours, I will find results of palettes already created with complimentary shades. Aim to have at least 3 colours, but no more than 6.

Crystal Creative Designs "Hypnotherapy" Pin Board on Pinterest

As this project is a branding project, I will next be looking at font styles. Is your project going to include text? What type of style fonts do you like? You could search for "thin fonts", "chunky fonts", "serif", "sans serif", "calligraphy", "Graffiti fonts" etc. Start searching - and get pinning!

Whatever else your project needs keep going with your research, whether this is pattern designs, photography, illustrations or icons, you shouldn't need no more than an hour, this is just the fun part of research!

So I have a Pinterest board, now what?

This is where we actually build the Mood Board and put it together. If you're a creative, this is the fun bit! Decide how you are going to make your Mood Board first.

If you are not a creative, then the easiest (and free) way is to use Canva. Canva is a free app/online design website where you can create your design work using pre-made templates. Canva has plenty of ready made Mood Boards, which you can drop images and colours in at a click of a button.

If you are creative, then you may want to create your own Mood Board, using Adobe Creative Softwares, such as Photoshop, InDesign or Illustrator.

Canva "Mood Boards" search results

The first thing you want to add is your chosen colour palette. By picking these colours, you can then choose images from your Pinterest board that match and compliment the colour palette you have selected. Try and choose some variety of imagery in your Mood Board from your pictures, as you won't be using them all, but you want to make sure you are showing textures, products, patterns, photography and fonts to give you plenty of ideas for your project.

Now look at your board. Has it all combined well together? Some of the images may not have the right colour or shade, so give them an edit. If you are using Canva, this is how it could look... (Disclaimer: This is an example of a pre-made design).

Want to have a look at my Mood Board? Here it is! I created this in Photoshop. Using a mixture of bold and pastel colours, with sans serif fonts, and a friendly rounded feel, to bring in moods and emotions of "trust", "professionalism", "happiness" and "communication". I then used this Mood Board to create a professional and unique logo and brand style for my client which she loves!

I hope you have enjoyed creating your Mood Board alongside me. If you are looking to get a rebrand for your business, then please get in touch and have a look at the rest of my website, where you can learn more about Crystal Creative Designs. Or email me at

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